Gaz'aile 2

Plans are being translated and there are english and spanish sections in gazaile forum.

Plans are for the European ULM (Light Sport in the US) or the normal category aircraft, and consist of a downloadable CD (example of what you have received). You will find many photos, over 3000, and plans to print in A4 or A0 format, and explanatory text for the construction, source directory, and documents related to light aircraft construction technology as related to this aircraft.
How the Technical Bundle is Arranged.
The plans file/CD cost 300 Euros (410.77 in USD at current, Jan 2011 prices). Payable via Western Union or a bank transfer.

Upon recipt I will give you a download of the plans and related docs. I will also open access to the forums for you, though you will have to register first, which will greatly help in your construction of the aircraft.

There is also manufacturers on the forum where you can purchase the molds for the making of the composite parts.

You can start construction without making the decision whether to build the full size plane or the ULM/LSA version.

The forum allows exchanges between builders, and also makes the bulk purchase of parts at the best prices possible.

You aren't alone in learning tips and tricks to building this beautiful machine!
I also frequently update the plans, and make improvements in light of problems that arise in building by others. Sometimes this improves day to day, and a a new CD is available to download every 6 months.

Feel free to call or email me for more information. The aircraft is available to view in Brest if you are ever in the area, no prolem if you'd like to come see it, maybe even take a demo flight!
History of my developments.

Please also see these websites of Gazaile 2 builders and fliers !

Serge Pennec
29280 Locmaria Plouzané
02 98 48 43 79

Your friend,

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